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How to Choose a Janitorial Service
When you think of janitorial service, what comes to mind? Most people envision a group of people sweeping and mopping floors or cleaning shared spaces. For many people, the idea of cleaning isn’t even top priority when they get into work. However, it is vital that you make the best of what cleaning can offer for your office. There are many benefits to employing a janitorial service, whether you hire them just once, or for regular, long-term periods.

What Does Janitorial Service entail? Essentially, a janitorial service includes cleaning your building, including cleaning all of your residential floors, sidewalks, parking lots, windows and other covered areas. All of your city, county and local government buildings, parks, libraries, schools, senior facilities and hospitals are included in the one time Janitorial Services charge. This is also included if you choose to hire a company to do the cleaning on a regular basis. Many janitorial service companies will offer a free estimate, which can help you to determine whether or not you’d want to use their services.

One of the benefits of employing a janitorial service in Manassas is the type of training that they offer their employees. If you choose to go the route of an individual janitor, you’ll likely have the same training as a custodial staff. However, most janitorial service companies will offer their employees some type of certification, such as CPR. This is crucial, especially in any situation where there is the possibility of injury.

When interviewing a janitorial service in Manassas, ask for references. Any reputable company should be willing to provide you with some names of former employees, which can give you a better understanding of how their employees treat their guests. You should also be able to speak with the directors of the cleaning companies and see if they will allow an inspection of their facilities. If the company does not allow an inspection, keep looking.

Be sure to ask for a list of job duties. Some companies may only offer cleaning duty, while others may offer general tidying throughout the office. In either case, you should ask what the company offers specifically for your needs. Many companies will happily provide you with a sample cleaning schedule to review.

Most importantly, make sure the janitorial service you choose hires its own people. Companies that have hired janitors from other companies in the past may not have the necessary background to do the work. Hire a company that you can trust to give you quality work on time.

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