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Small bathroom color ideas should be well elaborated. In this case, the bathroom plays such an important role for you, anyway. The main reason is that this bathroom has been used everyday. From that situation, it is quite better for you to decorate well your bathroom. In this case, you can still have such a nice bathroom although it has a small size.

How to Determine Small Bathroom Color Ideas?

When you are designing the small bathroom, the most important aspect that you have to consider is that you have to determine the color of its bathroom. In this case, if you use the right color, it will look nice as well. First of all, you have to look at the trim, anyway. You can paint it or not. You will usually choose your favorite color, right? In this case, it is also important for you to play with tones and hue.

What is Interesting Small Bathroom Color?

When you are designing to color the small bathroom, you do not have to mix some colors together. In this case, you can also choose different color in different side. For example, you might start from the trim, the window, the light corner, and the dark color. Furthermore, to make it more interesting, you can also combine curtains with walls.


Curtain ideas can be found anywhere. That is because almost all of the people are using a curtain in their house, especially in the living room. If you are looking for the idea of the nice looking curtain for your living room, then you might want to try these ideas below for your living room.

Curtain Ideas in Soft Color Theme

This kind of idea for your living room curtain is basically using the soft and bright colors for the curtain color. The kind of material chosen for this kind of idea for your living room curtain is usually the soft one and a little bit transparent. In fact, some people are also using the additional fabric as the transparent cover between the curtain and the windows in their living room.

Living Room Curtain in Dark Color Theme

The kind of dark colored curtain for the living room can be one that some people are looking for. Most of the time, those who choose this kind of idea for their living room curtain are the kind who use the curtain as the color accent in their living room. They are not using the curtain color as the main color of the living room. That means, the living room color theme is usually in contrast with the curtain.


Bathroom tile ideas in colorful pattern can be one nice thing to have in your bathroom. That is because the colorful bathroom will surely give the cheerful impression from the bathroom. If you want, you can try these color themes in your bathroom to generate the cheerful and refreshing impression that you might like from the bathroom.

Refreshing Color Bathroom Tile Ideas

If you are looking for the refreshing color option, then you might want to try blue, white, mint, and soft blue. You just need to try all of those colors in a combination for the bathroom tiles. It does not matte the kind of color options that you want to choose. However, for your consideration, the aqua color can be the best combination that you can try for the bathroom with refreshing impression.

Energetic Tile Color Theme for Bathroom

If you are looking for the cheerful and energetic impression for the bathroom tile color combination, then you just need to choose orange, yellow, or brown combination. However, you will need to choose orange as the main color option. Or else, you can also have the white as the accent for those color options. With that kind of combination, you will surely be able to generate the cheerful and energetic impression from the bathroom.